Weekly post: Of Blooms and Writing

I had no idea when I threw the green onion bulbs into a planter outside that it would grow to almost prehistoric heights. Nor did I realize that green onions could bloom. This spring has brought me some suprising flowers and it has been a much needed happy accident. I can honestly say that they... Continue Reading →

Weekly post: Tea and Plants

It has never been very clearly explained to me that there are weeks that are just terrible. Nothing as dire as tragedy, but more in the self struggle of feeling terrible. Motivation is around zero and self esteem is not far from it. This usually lasts a couple of days. I like to blame it... Continue Reading →

Weekly Posts

I can typically trick myself into writing for ten minutes. It goes something like this: I tell myself "hey, just pick up that pen and just write something." I then argue, but it has to be good and this sounds so cringey, and also I don't think I can spell at all this morning. This... Continue Reading →

Why a mobile typewriter?

Because most people use phones, laptops and tablets to write when they are on the move. The very lucky ones have a working pen and favorite notebook (or random piece of paper in our bag). The name of this blog really comes from my youthful exuberance at finding a forty year old type writer in... Continue Reading →

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