What can I tell you about Edinburgh? (Part 1)

It was a long anticipated adventure and it did not disappoint. It is very hard to resist waxing poetic about this city. No, I am not going to quote Robert Burns (but you can). I could probably write a book about how much fun I had on this trip and everything I saw. However, I’m going to try and condense it to a series of posts. Enjoy!

Yes, that is an upside down purple cow. This is George Square venue. 2015

The Fringe Festival: If you can plan to be in the city during this time, it is completely worth it. As teetotaler, let me just say you could feel drunk just from the sheer energy during this time. There is a joyful bustle as everyone is walking around to see all the different events. There were so many different shows that even niche interests were represents. You might ask “was there a Rap interpretation of the Canterbury Tales?” Yes, and it was awesome.

Arthur’s Seat: This hike is in the city, it walking distance from the Royal Mile. My most firm advice if you plan this jaunt into nature is wear thick soles shoes. I felt every bit of gravel and it made this short hike feel a lot longer than it should. However, the view from the top is worth it.

At the top of Arthur’s Seat overlooking Edinburgh. 2015

House of Parliament: The building itself is very cool looking. At the time of my visit (about five years ago), they were displaying the National Tapestry. The fine needlepoint illustrated key historical events in Scotland’s history. It made me itch to start my own needlepoint project. I of course didn’t because it really was hard to boil my very long and thrilling life to couple of panels.

House of Parliament and Arthur's Seat
House of Parliament and Arthur’s Seat. 2015
The Great Tapestry of Scotland detail photograph from inside the House of Parliament. 2015

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    1. Its been fun writing about the places I’ve been to since it isn’t an option to travel now. It is therapeutic to relive it and I also get to share the pictures I took. Thank you for your comment.

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