The Squirrel Chronicles; The Beginning

Sometimes life ensures that you understand the meaning of a ‘crime of passion’ to your bones. The potent combination of anger and helplessness worked together to show me that I too can possibly be the subject of a True Crime drama. This blog has been quiet for enumerable reasons, I am ready to remedy this…

Write my heart out

I’ve decided that I am going to start some long term writing projects this year. Yes, this blog is one of them and one I am still working to be better at. However, I am choosing to be optimistic about keeping to some new commitments. 

Weekly Post: All those details though….

Have you ever sat down to write and realized you have no idea what an undertaker does? I don’t mean in the abstract that they bury dead people, but what is their process? I’ve had this internal crisis anytime I assign an occupation to any of my characters. I then begin a very long and…

Weekly Post: November and Writing

Every November I attempt to complete the National Novel Writing Month challenge of 50’000 words. This post is not about how to complete it. It is literally my 5th attempt at doing so. While, I will say I have improved each year, it is nowhere near bragging about. This post is about redeclaring my commitment. …


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