Seen in Dallas

Did you ever try to sip a cup of coffee and get the vague sense that you are being watched?

Weekly Post: Ode to Cooler Weather

Growing up, sweater weather was caused by a hard-working AC unit. Sweatshirts really would hold true to their name, in that if I walked outside wearing one, I would be sweating. The internet helped sustain my sweater envy, it was not hard to find pictures of people enjoying the brisk and orange autumn. I began… Continue Reading →

Weekly Post: Have you bought some tea?

Tea is one of my favorite souvenirs to buy on vacation. Not just because I like the thrill of dragging out my jars, satchels, and boxes of tea. I do feel like it gives me an immense amount of street cred with teetotalers and grandmothers. I was definitely the girl who had far too many… Continue Reading →

Weekly post: The trees that I pass

I recently began reading Oak and Ash and Thorn by Peter Fiennes. I will willing admit it was the title that grabbed me and the cover art that sealed the deal in the bookstore. I will also say, that it has added an element of sophistication to my bookshelf. The prose, I have since found… Continue Reading →

Weekly Post: Mint

Now I would never want to falsely accuse a plant of being a flirt, however, mint does have a reputation. It is definitely worth a chuckle to think mint was once a beautiful naiad whose attempts to seduce Hades resulted in her being turned into a crawling scentful plant by Persephone. It does detract from… Continue Reading →

Weekly Post: The burden of writing

I remember a cousin of mine bragging about their grades that they got without even trying. I understood then that your talent is something you are unconsciously and instinctually good at like Spiderman and his webs. So I looked at my skills, as an obviously old-soul-and-too-mature-for-her-age-11-year-old, and picked writing. This was to be my superpower…. Continue Reading →


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