Weekly Post: The burden of writing

I remember a cousin of mine bragging about their grades that they got without even trying. I understood then that your talent is something you are unconsciously and instinctually good at like Spiderman and his webs. So I looked at my skills, as an obviously old-soul-and-too-mature-for-her-age-11-year-old, and picked writing. This was to be my superpower.... Continue Reading →

Weekly post: Of Blooms and Writing

I had no idea when I threw the green onion bulbs into a planter outside that it would grow to almost prehistoric heights. Nor did I realize that green onions could bloom. This spring has brought me some suprising flowers and it has been a much needed happy accident. I can honestly say that they... Continue Reading →

Weekly Posts

I can typically trick myself into writing for ten minutes. It goes something like this: I tell myself "hey, just pick up that pen and just write something." I then argue, but it has to be good and this sounds so cringey, and also I don't think I can spell at all this morning. This... Continue Reading →

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