Weekly Post: Catuesday to you all

Ideally, this post would be published on Saturday, because Caturday sounds superior to Catuesday. But writing sometimes does not respect time and deadlines, so here we are. This is the last post for this month and I would like to say goodbye to October by honoring its most likely mascot: Cats. The 29th of October is also the US National Cat Day, which everyone should celebrate. 

Who wouldn’t love a day dedicated to dressing up in cat ears and face paint (Here are some more ideas). Even better is to honor cats by mimicking them, after all isn’t that the highest of complements? Where do I sign up for 20-hour naps and a designated human to feed me? If you do have a cat, you can celebrate by wearing matching outfits or perhaps just dressing them up.

The outfits’ say he is ready for some treats and his eyes’ say “Why would you do this?”

I am also very partial to anything with a cat motif. Ideally, I would have tea in my cat teapot, and sip it from my cat tea cup, and stir in sugar with a cat spoon from a cat sugar bowl. This is only part of the dream but you get the picture. 

I will not say how many of these are gifts and how many were personal purchases. I will say that this is clearly not enough and I am working on expanding this collection.

So be like a cat and love what you love no matter what others may think. Visualize other peoples unsolicited opinions as a glass that is sitting on a counter and you are a fuzzy orange tabby that does not much care for it, knock it off and go on your way.

Or just drink it? Whatever makes YOU happy.

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