Weekly Post: How many sunset pictures are too many?

I want to be clear there is no number that is too high. One of my quarantine tasks has been to go through my photos and try to organise and store them appropriately. It is a much bigger task than I anticipated. I have found that I take many, many pictures of sunsets. Here are some of my favorites. 

  1. Dallas Sunset through a car mirror
Close up of a car mirror, the sunset can be seen in the distance in the mirror.
It might not look it, but this was the best picture of the many I took.

Sometimes at the end of a car trip you are looking forward and feeling a bit of ennui. Then you glance in the mirror and see something spectacular. You quickly take twenty pictures of it and hope one of them can capture a fraction of what you see. Hopefully, the dirty window that you are taking the picture through won’t be too apparent. 

  1. Sunset while watering the plants

The sky is filling with pink, blue and orange clouds. The tops of trees and a fence can be seen at the bottom of the picture.
I really wanted it to rain that day so I wouldn’t have to water the plants. It didn’t. But at least it was really pretty outside.

The setting sun makes every monotonous chore a bit mystical. You can’t hear them through the picture, but the birds were making an unseemly racket. Despite all efforts to squash my need to feel the magicalness of the moment, I prevailed. I walked back into my home with the energy of a woman inspired and had my tea. Did I write? I thought about it. But did I? No, but I day-dreamed, and that is half my process. 

  1. Sunset at the Station. 
A stair case leading down to a train platform. The sun is setting on a highway.
Was there a Backstreet boy concert happening nearby? Yes. Did I go? No. I was busy taking this all in.

New adventures can begin when the day is closing. This was my first time traveling by train from Los Angeles to San Diego. As I was descending onto the platform, so was the sun.   

  1. The Sun did not attend the wedding. 
A sunset while in the mountains. The picture is framed by trees.
This Washington sunset was pretty awesome. It cast an awesome glow in my selfies. I was very thankful.

Brides and grooms exude their own light on their weddings. Their happiness is clear and every eye in the room can see it. It is just right that the sun makes an exit, let them have their moment as the brightest in the room, for a couple of hours at least. 

  1. The Ocean said Goodnight and Goodbye
The sun is setting on a beach.
I really never wanted to leave, so it was good that it got dark. I have trust issues with dark oceans.

I had spent the day hiking in Torrey Pines in San Diego. The weather was too cold to run into the water. But I did kick off my shoes at the end of the trail and let the cold waves wash some of the ache from my heels. I had just flown in that early that morning and so I was still awake on sheer will and adrenaline. This moment was nature’s way to lull me to rest, I had done enough. So the ocean tucked the sun in and washed away all the footprints on her beach.

How many sunset pictures do you have in the past year? 

I had 118.

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