Weekly Posts

I can typically trick myself into writing for ten minutes. It goes something like this:

I tell myself “hey, just pick up that pen and just write something.”

I then argue, but it has to be good and this sounds so cringey, and also I don’t think I can spell at all this morning. This will be embarassing for everyone.

I then sip the scalding hot tea and just write all my unstructured and unedited thoughts. Sometimes in my notebooks, other times on my phone, and if I am feeling very inspired, the typewriter.

My laptop is usually reserved for when I want to edit what I’ve written elsewhere. I can be a terrible editor and the sight of my own writing (like the sound of my own voice) makes me cringe.

But I digress, I will be creating short weekly posts that are about either writing, plants, or cats. This is due to that fact that as I enter this latest decade of my life, I have chosen to embrace things that do not have the potential to hug back (especially my cat, the fern might suprise me yet).

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