Weekly post: Tea and Plants

It has never been very clearly explained to me that there are weeks that are just terrible. Nothing as dire as tragedy, but more in the self struggle of feeling terrible.

Motivation is around zero and self esteem is not far from it. This usually lasts a couple of days. I like to blame it on some vitamin deficiency. I usually get some nods of sympathy when I say that I missed a dose of my multivitamin and therefore feel utterly terrible.

I don’t really have a solution for this slump. But I can honestly say that having a cup of tea, something sweet, warm, and possibly earl grey, helps. It does not help immediately mind you. Its just a way to give yourself some space as you sip on it in a place that is pretty to look at.

My indoor plants were a bit of disaster when I first started trying my hand at an indoor herb garden. They are still very much a work in progress (thats why the picture is a little bit blurry to hide my shame). However, they remind me that things take time. I need to let myself grow.

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