Why a mobile typewriter?

Because most people use phones, laptops and tablets to write when they are on the move. The very lucky ones have a working pen and favorite notebook (or random piece of paper in our bag). The name of this blog really comes from my youthful exuberance at finding a forty year old type writer in a charity shop in Cambridge. I was excited to find it and ecstatic that it had a hard case to allow for it to travel. This was going to inspire me to write! Is what I optimistically thought.

It is important to know that I found it at the beginning of my little shopping trip. I did not think it would be too big of deal to lug to around in a little reusable cloth bag (with a typewriter motif on it, it was truly fate!). I can honestly say that i felt every atom of its weight by the time we got back to our lodgings.

Did I learn my lesson?


I felt it was a very necessary item to have with me when I moved to UAE to teach English. Why you might ask would I use up some of my meager weight allowance to transport this typewriter?

Pure optimism that I would see it on my desk and be inspired to write.

Did I also carefully and lovingly pack it in my carry-on in when I moved back home?

Of course.

To be fair, I did try writing on the typewriter. I even learned how to install a new ribbon on it and everything.

Did I write as much as my very romantic and naive soul wanted? Did I sit there in an overlarge sweater with a steamy cup of coffee and thick black rimmed glasses (that I don’t need) and pound away with inspiration?

Maybe once, but just for the aesthetic and it didn’t last long.

This blog hopes to showcase all the writing I wish I had the patience and strength to write on my beloved and much traveled typewriter.

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