Weekly Post: You may have a plan….

but your cat has other plans.

My writing process involves sitting down with my notebook and a hot beverage. I usually have an idea in my head and a hope that it all comes together as a I etch it out. The only way I can effectively edit is if I have to slowly read through my words as I type them into my computer or typewriter (if I am feeling fancy).

Who can really tell if that was an ‘e’ or an ‘a’.

The process has a very significant speed bump or as I lovingly call him the Commodore.

His eyes say I love you and his paw reaffirms that it is “love you to death”.

The Commodore does not pass an oppurtunity to loaf in my lap if I look too comfortable. He will sit and ensure that his girth makes doing anything other than scratching behind his ears or his chin a bad idea. My intention this week was to write about my plans for gardening. My grand aspirations to plant not only herbs but florals. If that fails, I will resort to just painting it.

As you can see I am talented in capturing beauty in nature.

You will have noticed that is not what this post is about. This is about my greater purpose of supporting my cat through my writing. I must pay homage to his presence when he graces it on me. I must not move in my seat for that would offend him. It is a fact that his dissapointment leeches all inspiration and motivation from me.

To understand the cat, you sometimes have to be the ‘cat’ by wearing tiger paw slippers.

So that is why I sit still. I put everything aside and when he is ready, he will jump away. That is the process and the only one that currently matters.

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