Weekly Post: Musings and the Moon

It is probably my tired mind, but I’ve never seen the moonlight so bright.

It is a silvery spot on my bed. In a daze and in the final hours of the night, it sits there. I didn’t realize I had awoken in it. But now that I have returned, it is like a beacon calling me back.

It is how the tide must feel, going higher at the Moon’s calling. When something so light and beautiful pulls to you, how can it be bad?

The awake mind would have interjected and said sirens. Remember the folly of those deceitful creatures. Remember the hours your English teacher spent half-heartedly teaching the Odyssey. Or better yet, remember those British eclairs, which instead of being filled with custard, were chock-full of cream. It was such a “sweet” betrayal.

However, there is no awake mind here.

There is only myself, my bed, and the moon.

There is a light guiding me to where I should lay my head.

So, there I will rest.

P.S: I know the picture has no moon. I wasn’t awake enough to take a picture and honestly, it might have been a dream. This is what my night sky looks like now and honestly not as inspiring.

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