Seen in Dallas

I love a good conspiracy as much as the next person. Afterall, are we really sure that Cesare was murdered? How certain are we about how Alexander the Great died? Dallas is definitely the place that continues this long tradition of conspiracy theories, most notably with all the uncertainty surrounding JFK.

You can probably contemplate all the conspiracy theories you know of while drinking a cappuccino and eating a pastry at La Tarte TropƩzienne in Dallas. There is not a bad pastry there, I would know, I ate a box full of them.

It was a very full box. Trust me.

Despite the excellent food, you might still ask “am I being watched?” I have a healthy enough ego to believe someone might be watching me, that is why my laptop camera stays covered.

But the laptop wasn’t the only way I could be watched. There is always an inside man.
He was just checking out the shelf. There is nothing suspicious about that.

The Eye, located in the gardens of the Joule Hotel takes all my paranoia and answers “Yes.” To what exactly? Everything.

Is it watching me? “Yes.”

Did it hear me making a slurping sound as a I drank my coffee? “Yes.”

Does it know a chiropractor that can improve my posture? “Yes.”

The sneaky thing about the Eye is I didn’t even notice it until I wondered why people were posing in front of a garden gate. My vantage point made it impossible to see this unblinking blue eye until I was right across from it.

So, I invite you to come to Dallas. Have all your fears assuaged, there is definitely someone or something watching you.

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