Weekly Post: Have you bought some tea?

Tea is one of my favorite souvenirs to buy on vacation. Not just because I like the thrill of dragging out my jars, satchels, and boxes of tea. I do feel like it gives me an immense amount of street cred with teetotalers and grandmothers. I was definitely the girl who had far too many tea flavors. Why settle for green tea with mint when you can also choose from Morocco Mint, Lemon with mint, or if you are feeling fruity, how about some blueberry, lemon, and sweet mint.

Part of my horde of Tea, the most photogenic containers.

Whatever your drinking preferences (you might prefer coffee or hot chocolate), it doesn’t hurt to take something to savor when you are home. While pictures are a great way to remember a trip. Preparing tea in your favorite mug or teacup (also potentially bought on vacation) is a little bit of therapy.

Memories of a sweeter time, almost as sweet as this cup of tea.

Vacations should be about living in the moment. However, you should also look out for your future self that maybe stuck in quarantine. It is an act of love for yourself to think: “I might need this one day.” So, buy that tea in the fancy containers, buy those KitKat in questionable flavors, and that mug that was corny? If it made you smile once, it’ll probably do it again.

Why are those sheep dancing by the sea? You can never tell what sheep will get up to next.

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