Austrian Adventure Part 1: the Austrian National Library

The internet is a fascinating place when you are planning to travel. You can find a post about just anything your heart desires. Maybe you want to know the most the most haunted places in Vienna. Or maybe you want to some Torte with you as you do it? Then you’ll need a list for the best places to find it! After all, you might need it as a sacrifice to appease a malevolent spirit or a last meal. I am not here to judge people’s Torte eating decisions. However, I would like to spend this post gushing about a place that did not make the haunted list, the Austrian National Library (surprising, I know).

Entrance of the Austrian National Library

It has been a couple of years since I last visited. I would like to say that my walk down memory lane was smooth and peaceful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t and that brings me to my first piece of advice when visiting the library: get a camera or phone that is cooperating. The number of blurry pictures my vindictive phone took is shameful. Thankfully, you do not have rely solely on my words and pictures to see just how lovely this library is.

I cannot deny that I wanted to pull a Belle and slide on the ladders and belt out some lines from Beauty and the Beast. My second piece of advice is: do not do this. There are barriers and some very severe looking guards. You will also look a lot cooler doing it in your head then in real life. Leave some events to live only in you, I know I do.

My zoom lens allowed me to be closer to these books that I was allowed to.

The library has so many different exhibits. Some of them change and I have not read about an exhibit that I would not like to visit. But then again, the fact that they are old books attraction enough for me.

The Papyrus museum is also housed at the library and it is fantastic. I took way too many pictures of scrolls that were in languages I could not hope to learn. I particularly enjoyed the parchments that were spells or curses. It really makes you consider what is left of a person when they have turned to dust and yet their scorn turns to a relic. That brings me to my last piece of advice: be kind.

An “Arab Talisman” from the 10th century. It has got religious and astrological aspects with the hope for protection. Those curses were no joke.

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