Weekly Post: Mint

Now I would never want to falsely accuse a plant of being a flirt, however, mint does have a reputation. It is definitely worth a chuckle to think mint was once a beautiful naiad whose attempts to seduce Hades resulted in her being turned into a crawling scentful plant by Persephone. It does detract from the reality mint sends out its scent either as a lure or a warning when you happen to be near it.

Personally, I have found that having adopting a pot full of mint is one of the best adult decisions I have made. It gives in instant gratifications when I water it, it is aesthetically pleasing, and it is delicious.

There is a feeling of connecting to women of old (read witches) when I snip some mint leaves and add them to a pot of tea or into a sauce. I flick them in with a flourish and imagine how cool and sophisticated I must look growing and consuming my own herbs.

Water coloring is a new hobby. No, dedicating hours to painting mint does not indicate an unhealthy obsession.

It reminds me of the cold setting sun in the company of family. Sitting on a front porch and watching the steaming liquid being poured into pretty glass teacups. The liquid is dark from the Lipton tea satchels and a couple of mint leaves fall into my cup. The tea is sweet with the taste of mint and probably four tablespoons of sugar, but it is just right for the current scene.

So on days when I am by myself and I want to travel to a time where to it was so loud I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, I pour my tea, sit near my mint plant, and let the memories wash over me.

Yes, there were only two watercolors. How dare you think there might be more.

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